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“Whatever path you choose, whatever career you decide to go after, the important thing is that you keep finding joy in what you’re doing, especially when the joy isn’t finding you.” In her hilarious, relatable voice, Graham reminds us to be curious and compassionate, no matter where life takes us or what we’ve yet to achieve. I’ve been the girl who has the lead, and the one who wished she had the bigger part. Below, Schaffer talks to ” — and what’s ahead for the budding pair.Grounded and inspiring—and illustrated throughout with drawings by Graham herself—here is a comforting road map to a happy life. Why did you want to set up Larry with an NBC censor? It’s just a lucky coincidence that one week after he made NBC censors’ lives miserable on .Here’s what the 49-year-old Gilmore Girls star had to share with the mag: On playing two similarly unconventional single moms of teens in Gilmore Girls and Parenthood: “There are things that I’m good at and there are things that are just not for me.I’m not gonna play a cop, I’m not gonna play a doctor … I’d rather be in [roles] that are really verbal and smart and funny.How did you go about casting Graham — were there others who tried out for the role?

It’s a very strange, sweet revenge fantasy for all of the censors.

Larry thought it would be really funny to be dating a censor and to get turned on by all of the foul language that she says “no” to all day.

We shot the scene and it was great, but in the editing room we realized that it wasn’t as much about him getting turned on by it as it was a wonderful, romantic moment.

As Diane Keaton said to me, ‘Funny doesn’t age.’” On which character she relates to more – Gilmore Girls’ Lorelai Gilmore or Parenthood’s Sarah Braverman: “I relate more to Lorelai Gilmore, probably.

I mean, I speak quickly more in attitude and just in athleticism of what that work is and was for me, as an actor, that’s a place I feel really comfortable and exhilarated, so, in that way I guess I relate a little more to that world and that language.” On her relationship with long-time love, former Parenthood co-star Peter Krause: “We couldn’t stop talking. It gave me an understanding of life: This is how things happen, and it’s completely random.” On her surprising hidden talent: “I really like to entertain.

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