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The sensitivity and response of this amp will blow your mind.

Powered by a quartet of EL34 power tubes, Friedman Amplification’s extremely versatile BE100 tube amp head is a must-have when you need that classic British sound. This is a good choice for someone who wants more distortion and has built an amp or two before.

10 and 18 Watt combos introduced in 1×12, 2×10, 2×12 tremolo or non tremolo versions.Based on the sought-after JTM 45 amp, the Dirty Shirley gives you a wide range of tones from smooth and clean to Friedman’s famous high-gain tones.The response and sensitivity of this amp is amazing; roll back your guitar’s volume control for clean tones and turn it up for crunch and sustain.The Small Box 50W guitar head features two footswitchable channels with separate gain and volume controls. The first channel is voiced like the classic Plexi amps of British fame.It cleans up very nicely with the guitar volume, going from clean-ish to crunch to that famous Plexi-like growl.Fret cloth on cabinets changed to basket weave in late 67.1968 – The Major was modified to match the normal panel layout and active electronics dropped. 1969 – New gold metal panels were introduced across all ranges.The second channel has that famous Friedman higher-gain distortion and crunch that we all love. From years of amp modding and repair experience, Friedman Amplification’s BE100 (The Brown Eye) all-tube, 2-channel amplifier head brings you the best of British amps in a single package.The BE100 has all of the punch, sustain, and tone you’d expect from a vintage British amp without the harshness.This amp evolved out of the JTM-45, using newer EL34 power tubes.In many ways, it can be seen as marking a transition from Marshall’s earlier combos to the iconic stacks of the late-’60s This period also saw a change in the logo found on the plexiglass faceplate of Marshall amps from JMP to JTM.

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