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However, I would be hesitant to install something like this from a public .torrent website, which are usually plagued by viruses and teenage delinquents.If this is a official firmware update, then your Porsche dealer will be more than happy to install it for you, usually free of charge.Otherwise if it is a homebrewed solution, use at your own risk. Despite copyright concerns(why would somebody who owns a Porsche need to "pirate" software???), Porsche owners aren't really the kind of breed having the full sympathy of the internet crowd.This will again prompt for a software update, accept the update.After a short time the new maps will be displayed.===========================================================Anyone who can shed some light on this?

If this is a official firmware update, then your Porsche dealer will be more than happy to install it for you, usually free of charge. I had the updated maps, TMC etc installed in my last Boxster (Jan 05 build) but this update will not give you MP3. Cat=0&Number=94897&an=0&page=31#94897 ***************************************************************************************************************Guys - Torrents and download of copyright protected software are not subject of discussion in this Forum. Feel free to discuss about what the software update is doing and if or not the PCM is capable of MP3. *************************************************************************************************************** Also the torrent is posted by a fool that doesn't understand what he is posting.If I don't remember wrong there was a lot of discussions around this topic when the mp3 feature was enabled 05/2005 and the conclusion was that it was hardware updates so for all of us with older cars we didn't have any chance to get mp3-playback....Quote from the torrent-description below:============================================================"This is the Multimedia Update CD's for early 2005 model Boxster (987) Cayman and 911's with the PCM2.1 system installed.Simply pop the CD's in to enable new functionality on your PCM unit including playback of MP3 CD's (in the head unit only) This update will also allow you to use maps dated beyond October 2004Also included are 3 PCM 2.1 DVD Navigation Europe DVD's dated:-10-200405-200505-2006Enjoy!Instructions :-If you have a early PCM2.1 unit (circa April 2005 build) then you must update the PCM 2.1 firmware to enable the use of the 2005 and beyond navigation CD's.Meaning: it takes very little knowledge to mod a firmware in a way that it renders your PCM useless.If the bootloader gets destroyed in the process, you need a replacement unit and I doubt that Porsche is going to honor the warranty if you played around with an unauthorized firmware.Some units were supplied with the MP3 function disabled , updating the software to level 3.3 or later and level C or B activates this facility.The rule of thumb is most PCM 2.1 units supplied before mid 2005 do not support MP3 playback and never will.Quote: Moogle said: I assume this is a disk based firmware update.Most of us are business men with our own private business, you wouldn't like it either if somebody steals something from you, sorry to remind you of this. Updating firmware, getting newer maps, adding mp3 playback functionality.

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