Liquidating recording studio in colorado

Since 1977, Colorado Sound recording studio has provided top quality recording services for local artists, national artists and businesses.

Celebrating 40 years in 2017, we have maintained the highest standards in providing a full-service, professional facility for music production, mastering, composing, arranging, MIDI, video production, and access to the finest professional talent in the Industry.

Here at Colorado Sound Studios, or on location with Colorado Sound Studios Mobile, we can accommodate any of your recording needs with cutting-edge and vintage equipment, world-class engineers and a comfortable environment.

The famed Caribou Ranch recording studio, located near Nederland, Colorado, existed for about fifteen years from 1971 to 1985.

Even though only a third of the barn was lost, Guercio elected not to rebuild.

The industry had moved toward digital recording equipment, and the 1980s rock-and-roll scene was not suitable for raising his children.

On one occasion, John Lennon, one of the world’s most popular musicians at the time, went into Nederland to purchase boots and a cowboy hat; his celebrity status did not follow him there, and he went unnoticed.

Elton John, however, had a hard time retaining anonymity as his limo, pink fur coat, and pink glasses gave him away at a burger joint in Boulder.

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They soon noticed smoke billowing out of the nearby barn, which housed the studio.We also have a Yamaha C7 concert grand piano, C3 Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer electric piano and a wonderful collection of classic guitar amps, vintage tube mics and top of the line outboard gear.With a second Pro Tools HDX system, our highly versatile Studio B offers the very best in virtual instruments, samples, and loops for song production and beat sequencing.However, the nexus of the operation, a reclaimed barn outfitted with recording equipment capable of mastering platinum albums, was partially burned down in March 1985, closing Caribou Ranch.Frustrated with contemporary music production practices that favored efficiency over creativity, James Guercio, a young producer working for Columbia Records, initiated a grand experiment that would result in the foundation of the Caribou Ranch.In 2014, the property was finally sold and the memorabilia auctioned off to benefit the Colorado Music Hall of Fame and the Guercio family.The fate of the property and prospects for future development are unknown.Guercio himself was not completely sure his experimental recording studio and mountain retreat would attract artists, but these concerns quickly abated.Joe Walsh, a former member of the James Gang living in Nederland at the time, was working on a new solo project titled .Upon visiting the ranch after a show in Denver, Elton John decided to record his next album, the eponymous tour, even expressed interest in buying the ranch from Guercio.Throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, which preceded the introduction of digital recording technology, Caribou Ranch was much loved as a recording space and a retreat for hundreds of musicians.

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