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He came to expect that and I understood thats what he wanted. I think it is an individual matter, and both parties have the right to their own opinions. Pay attention to body language and mutual feelings. Despite the fact that his nom-d'-POF makes me think of Doctor Zeus trying to date my young daughter, he displays some good thinking, including here.

Besides, kissing isnt as earth shattering so you can always just mouth her on the cheek. I know if I kissed a girl or had sex with her and she wasn't interested anymore, the next time I saw her I would think that something was up. " Is it expected" implies that you are letting yourself think along the lines that there exists a Social Dating Authority in the world, and that there are established procedures and protocols that you must adhere to if you want to get the results you desire.

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Not saying we were going to Bobby Flays but we werent going to Sonics especially.

Since we live in Vegas its easier but you get my point.

In no way shape or form should you EVER not even spring for that god awful little five dollar coffee.

Now, that's where you have to play your cards right! Otherwise she will get comfortable, even demanding, and require hugs and kisses all the time! Kissing is either a very personal interaction, or it's completely meaningless.

She WILL sense that you are doing it because you think you are expected to, if that's what's in your mind, and things will likely go downhill from there.

As for me, if I like kissing a woman, I try to do it more.

I kiss everyone when I meet them..the cheek...sometimes the regards to the romantic kiss..I kinda think if a Man gives me the 'slightly romantic wanna see ya again' kiss... Now OP dont get your feathers ruffled over this, just go with it.

I'd most likely think it will happen everytime...which may or not backfire sometimes... Its no strange coincidence that online dating has created the coffee date. A first meeting or coffee date is essentially for both parties to meet and greet.

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