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If you haven't yet, read "I Kissed Dating Goodbye." You'll certainly be blessed.

He forever changed the Christian dating scene, particularly in the homeschool demographic. In this TEDx Talk, Harris transparently explains where he went wrong and how his book was used to hurt others.

Each January he leads a national conference for singles called New Attitude.

It is a grey area that we need to be careful of, and must use the help and support of friends and family.

I found this chapter a great reminder how sometimes we are unaware but people around us can tell by looking at a relationship.

From this, we can see that he has hurt others as well as himself in the past, and through this book, reveals the path he took to restore himself, as well as giving insight to how we can mend or change our attitude towards relationships and dating. This chapter outlines "Love" in the context of Christianity, and how God's unconditional love for us is so great that he sent his only son to die for us.

Joshua Harris outlines this chapter with a simple story of his appearance on TV and develops through a question asked on there, and later reveals his relationship principle: The joy of intimacy is the result of commitment. Putting this into a relationship context, we must not be "selfish" and take take take from a relationship but think about how this relationship might affect the other person, and the hurts that could arise.

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