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[...] It is worth noting that the United States has already endured hyperinflation twice, once during the Revolutionary War when our fiat "continental currency" lost so much value that the phrase "not worth a continental" entered the American lexicon, and then again during the Civil War. No one asked your permission, and now suddenly you and your children and grandchildren, and probably even their grandchildren, are in debt for an unpayable, galactic-sized pile of money money you did not borrow or spend, but which others did in your name! What little does flow to the lower and middle classes (Social Security, Medicare, "free" education, welfare payments, etc.) has the added benefit, from the elite's point of view, of making the great mass of citizens ever-more dependent upon the State; eventually, the helpless, infantilized citizenry looks to the State for nearly everything.

We typically employ retired couples who live in their RV onsite and work both for the free camp site as well as a wage, usually minimum wage. You scare me more than the hard times I know they're coming around again You scare me more than the grey skies Good morning, Mr. Sunshine") And now you're the girl With cake on her face Yeah, you're the one who's cryin' Blow out the candles and make a wish If you need a drink, babe I'm buyin' Too bad Too bad Too bad on your birthday I said it's too bad Too bad Too bad on your birthday I was sitting on a bench reading a book in City Park (that's its name—happily, it's not named after some stupid politician or dead, dumb order follower) when this old codger trudged up to another bench, lay his jacket and backpack on it, and climbed the stairs to the stage. " In a canyon town, even quiet sounds can echo all over the place but harness a bandshell and you serenade the world. Today Felicia sent in: "A screen capture from a facebook chat this morning. [...] Levels of theft and corruption, and of blatant, visible disdain for the rule of law, have largely been within traditional limits what might be termed a "standard pattern" for most of this nation's history. The theft and corruption aren't going away, but instead increasing exponentially. So what's the government doing to clean up the mess it's made? Life is a wonderful thing, as long as I hold the string! "And even when I'm old and gray, I'm gonna feel the way I do today! 06jan2009 — Things That Make Jeebus Go Grrr Item: Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. Worse behavior, and not only in the financial realm, is on the way.This 50% is not just wages, but other costs calculated as a percent of wages, such as FICA, medicare, and unemployment taxes and workers comp premiums.So, if I still want to earn a living for myself, and the state says half my costs must go up by 41%, then it means that prices are going up 20 %. Remember, at the same time, fuel prices, electricity prices, insurance prices, and everything else has gone up, so that camping prices have risen by 20% or more.11jan2009 — Outlook: Not Sunshine-y The Senate Budget Committee held a hearing at 10 a.m. ) why, here's Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner to explain the finer details of hypostatic union by . [...] We never got it right, of course: our early slavery and genocide hardly fit with the ideals of liberty, and especially since 1913, our federal government has grown like a cancer to a size previously unthinkable.on the Congressional Budget Office Budget and Economic Outlook, as acting CBO Director Robert Sunshine testified. So perhaps it is no surprise that the whole enterprise is now collapsing, with government power increasingly drowning individual freedom in a tidal wave of police-state and coercive-socialist tyranny. 31dec2008 — Full text of Robert Paul Smith's NOTHINGATALL NOTHINGATALL NOTHINGATALL ONCE UPON A TIME, SOMEONE WAS LYING IN BED. That means NO pretty pitchurs, and to illustrate (GONG! America is dying with it, for America is more an idea than a set of land boundaries or government institutions; America was explicitly created as a haven for human liberty. Facing the back of the bandshell, he slipped on a large pair of earphones, turned on a portable CD player, and began to belt out Sinatra songs. Every dog up and down Brewery Gulch began barking and howling along. I made jesus mad." Item: Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. The rot has been ever-present but sufficiently limited and disguised that Americans could pretend otherwise; our extremely high living standards certainly helped in that regard. The pattern is visibly changing, and the common perception of the United States as a prosperous, safe, and free society where the rule of law (and, far more importantly, actual justice) is the expected and mostly-real norm is rapidly dying. All of this will make the problem worse, prolonging and deepening the pain. Give that last sentence a moment's thought: a small group of people gave trillions of your dollars not that you have that much money to, well, mostly to crooks and failed businessmen. Actual and proposed actions consist almost entirely of short-term pseudo-fixes, jaw-dropping thefts from American taxpayers, and shameless, outright power-grabs. government and its monopoly-chartered central bank have created trillions of new dollars, handing most of it to the banksters and other key players who helped create this crisis in the first place.

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