Junsu taeyeon dating

" Sunggyu said that it was because they were from the same hometown but Onew and Key and the hosts didn't so.When they asked what they would do he replied with "Talk about our hometown" and that's why the hosts thought Sunggyu liked Taeyeon.I spent the past three years fitting the lost puzzle pieces back into my life.”When asked about his days in the army, he replied, “Four months after my enlistment, I began to see the members of Girls’ Generation as women.

On High Society Sunggyu was asked which female idol would he ask over to his dorm when he is tired and he replied "Taeyeon" and the hosts asked "why?The two talked for a while and eventually planned to have dinner sometime.“Recently SNSD’s Taeyeon asked me to compose a song for her.Rather than being happy for being acknowledged by her as a composer, I feel more happy being acknowledged by her as a person.” The singer then wittingly added, “Would I compose only one song for her…He has thought of writing a song for SNSD’s Taeyeon.Ryeowook expressed in a recent interview, 'I learned songwriting back in my school days and thus wrote many songs.Although I can’t say that the quality of these songs are good enough to be recorded into albums, I had always hoped that I can dedicate my songs to Super Junior and SM Entertainment.Within the company, I would especially like to compose a song for SNSD’s Taeyeon.'He began by expressing, “I’ve been away for three years. [ 1,374, -17] Yeah, they didn't have room to deny it because of all of the straightforward proof... Soshi's been at the end of their careers anyway but EXO's a worry. The MC’s of the show fooled Lee Dong Wook by telling him that all nine members of SNSD were on the show and asked him with whom he liked to speak to.He chose Tae Yeon, however, Tae Yeon was not on the show so fellow member Sunny pretended to be her.

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