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Parkinson was the fourth president of the Southern Illinois Normal I'niversity. He worked, and taught in the public schools to pay his way through college. While teaching here he felt the need of better preparation as a teacher of science. 1913— President Shryock's administration began in the summer of L913. He was also familiar with the best in literature, of which many volumes were to be found in his private library. He was always con- siderate of those who stood in need of consideration. From Carmi he was called to the position of science teacher in Jennings Seminary, Aurora, Illinois. He enjoyed discussing educational subjects with his co-workers. For where is any author in the world Teaches such beauty as a woman's eye?

During the school year of 1892-3, the school was preparing an exhibit for the world's fair to be held in Chicago in 1893. In the summer of 1875 he was elected to the position of teacher of Mathematics in the Southern Illinois Normal University. In a word, the fifteen-year period of President Shryock's administration has seen our school transformed from a normal school to a teachers' college, greath augmented in size and greatly enhanced in worth and prestige. His ability as a teacher and as a student of educational problems was recognized by all who knew him at that time. His preparation for college was made in the academies of northern Ohio. President Shryock has the rare felicity of having made his school simultaneously bigger and better. He had received his degree from Indiana University and had spent a year in the study of Education in a State Normal school. Few men have come into the faculty of the Teacher's College with better preparation than did Professor Harwood. Later he became Superintendent of the training department. Foolery, sir, does walk about the orb like the in; it shines everywhere. In the summer of the same year he was elected to the department of Alathematics in the Normal here. Socratic Society; Strut and Fret; Orches- tra; Band; Chorus; Y. His home life was a large factor in his early training. He was graduated from Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut, in 1841, an honor student in the classical course. Allyn taught in the public schools and in the academies and was six years principal of an academy in Rhode Island, later serving two terms in the legislature of that state, and as State Superintendent of Public Instruction for two terms. He was a man of general culture and had traveled extensively within our own country. Parkinson was very loyal to the meetings of the local, state, and national edu- cational organizations, and while in no sense an orator, he spoke with ease and con- viction on subjects brought forward for discussion. In accordance with this preconceived purpose, he at once began the aggressive program, which has never flagged, looking to the popularization of the school whereby it might grow in size, and to the increased efficiency of the school whereby it could better realize it-- mission. He was constantly doing and saying things that would bring pleasure into the lives of children who otherwise might have had but tew happy moments. Robert Allyn, the first president of the Southern Illinois Normal University, was a New Englander. He was educated in the public schools and in the academies and colleges of that time. Here he remained "in the harness" to the day of his death. Parkinson was a devoted church worker, and during the \ears of his labor as a teacher in S. He was often a delegate of this organization to state and national con- ventions. Everest resigned the presidency, the board of trustees selected Dr. He was quite familiar with the established policies of the school and he had the confidence of the faculty and the student-body. [33] 1928 0«=— » 81 •.■"Ol^^.g s Asst &j,t OBELISK Ji ZADEfh Jli Tcneli HENRy HARfo/s MARGARET IVRy Sn ER Fran Ic A [34] Q i? In lu's inaugural address, President Shryock expressed his conception of tin- aim of the school by eloquent allusion to the three state institutions located in Southern Illinois, — two of them, in the language of Hawthorne, King like black scars upon the landscape, the abodes of those unfortunates who have not learned to live; the third, our own institution, the one place in which young men and women are trained to go out and teach others the art of successful and happy living. Those who knew Professor Harvvood's inner life will recall that he was a lover of children. For three years he taught Mathematics in the school from which he hail just graduated. Everest attended Hiram College in Ohio, and Bethany College in West Virginia. Onlv those who have completed two years of college work beyond the high school are graduated from the Junior College with a first-grade certificate, and only those who have completed four years beyond the high school are graduated from the Senior College and given the bac- calaureate degree and a high school certificate. He then became superintendent of the city schools of Bloomington, Illinois, and was County Superintendent of Mc Lain County from 1869 to 1875. Our curriculum is so standardized that any year is practically interchangeable with the corresponding year in any stand- ard college or university, and graduates from our four-year course are admitted to the graduate school at Illinois and other universities and are eligible to teach in any high school in the North Central Association.

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