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People can look at the show and go she’s so sweet, but it’s all about Jenny. I was trying to fix it, to do whatever it takes to rebuild this family and the last thing that I wanted to do was say, this is what’s really going on.I had an agent at the time that said that if we had gone public in the very beginning after my arrest with what was going on we could have fetched 0,000.There’s a lot of studying involved; I’m constantly studying medical techniques and watching videos. Isn’t it funny – I now have a position where I’ll be making as much as Jenny and I were making as a married couple — all by myself.So, you run off, blow up a family, blow up another person’s family, and all the things you want end up coming to your spouse. When I’m in there I just listen to the cash register in my head and that helps dealing with the blood and guts aspect (laughs). Savannah answered and said “Molli’s upset because daddy doesn’t live with mommy in the new house.” I don’t know, man – I don’t know how people do this. There was a time when I was a party boy, but during the seven years of our marriage, I didn’t drink, do drugs, I always worked really hard at two jobs, took care of the kids, took care of her.

"At this point we are praying that the next 12 weeks go smoothly and that this sweet little boy will come into this world with a loud cry, rosy cheeks, healthy heart and mind, and a family of 10 ready to embrace him and love him!

They’ve been wonderful about trying to help me and support me.

It’s amazing that they haven’t done anything nasty to Jenny.

On the show you were close to your parents but you sometimes butted heads with your dad.

Bryan: I think a lot of dads and sons butt heads on different issues; throughout this entire ordeal through the last year, my family has stepped up to the plate so amazingly.

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