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With (2014)This somewhat infamous misfire from Oscar-winning director Susanne Bier features that true rarity: a Jennifer Lawrence performance in which she looks deeply uncomfortable.

One of the actress’s most impressive qualities is her ability to hold your attention effortlessly, to look as if acting in a movie is the most natural, normal thing a person could do.

It’s pretty terrible, and it only received a wide release because Lawrence had already become hugely famous from , which he also wrote), but none of the restraint, turning what could have been a moving story into something so stultifyingly self-serious that you’ll suffocate from the lack of air in the room.

Lawrence does shine in a smaller role as a flashback version of the lead character played by … Is there a universe in which Jennifer Lawrence grows up and turns into Charlize Theron? , if anybody involved in the film had just had the guts to explore it.

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From winning Oscars to tripping at the Oscars, there are few things J.To which we’ll say: If that’s an act, it’s a really good one — and we’re not tired of it. We’re less concerned with overall quality of these movies than with Lawrence’s roles in them, but because she’s been the shining center of so many of her films, that proves tricky.Her best movies seem to vibrate on the same unpredictable, immediate wavelength that she likes to operate on.(2012)An answer to the question, “What if, in an alternative but parallel universe, Jennifer Lawrence was forced to have Jennifer Love Hewitt’s career?” This trashy horror-thriller centers on an abused boy (Max Thieriot) who grows up to wreak havoc on a suburban town and the teenager (Lawrence) who cares about him.So, yes, she’s America’s Sweetheart — or, maybe more accurately, America’s Fun Buddy.Some may read this intro and roll their eyes, arguing that Lawrence’s patented self-deprecation and casual dorkiness are a big act.She won the Oscar for Best Actress thanks to her performance as the quirky and unstable Tiffany, and proved that along with the blue body paint in X-Men, she can also pull off a bedazzled white lycra dancing ensemble while boogieing with Bradley Cooper. According to 24 Frames, the indie romantic drama centers on “young college students who fall in love at first sight.Law can actually do wrong (besides maybe that haircut—definitely still not over that haircut). It’s hard to hate her for anything, but if we had to choose a reason, starring in this 2011 anything-but-thrilling thriller would be it.Once crowned "America's Kickass Sweetheart," her star status has been only further cemented by just how large of a talent she is, combined with the fact that she adorably fangirls just as hard as the rest of us. With a ten percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a plot that had everyone screaming "WTF" instead of just plain screaming, it’s safe to say that audience members and movie critics alike would rather compete in The Hunger Games than sit through this clunky excuse for a horror movie ever again. This bizarre indie movie came and went pretty fast, and not without reason. PUPPET — starred a sweet, fresh-faced Lawrence as a love interest for costar Anton Yelchin.

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