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The kernel accounted for 70% of the 200% total CPU power (instead of nearly 0% when not using buffers) during the test.This combined with a total load of about 110% (of the 200% total) produces a very slow processing (only 40% effective).This combined with the beneficial split into two separate processes, allowing both processors to work side-by-side, gives a good performance boost on a multicore CPU.Below is an example to use bzcat in combination with Osmosis: For planet splitting applications (bbox or polygon) the best optimizations by far are disabling date parsing and using bzcat for decompressing the planet file.Out Of Memory Error: GC overhead limit exceeded It might seem a good idea to give every bounding-box its own buffer, thus creating a thread for every bbox and output.Lots of threads spread over only two CPUs however slows things down considerably.Out Of Memory Error: GC overhead limit exceeded at com.bretth.xml.v0_5Node Element Processor.begin(Node Element at com.bretth.xml.v0_5

So I'm not sure if this is the command or just the CPU overheating after running so many benchmarks ;-) Exception in thread "Thread-1-read-xml"

So to disable this feature add the site to the trusted sites and put the security level as medium.

If it still blocking, delete the browser cache and load it again.

Below are the results (Osmosis 0.24): Only the relevant parts of the scenarios is included here to save space. The 20% increase in CPU speed has no great affect apparently.

Also in this situation the CPU is running constantly at 100% load, so the single hardisk is not a limiting factor.

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