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"She's been my friend since I was a little kid," Nikki says."She did do some modeling when she was younger, but she's a really great musician and actress now." Now with Rob's supposed model girlfriend out of the picture, it leaves even more room for speculation that his friendship with 10,000 B. actress Camilla Belle could be coming in between Camilla and her new boyfriend Joe Jonas.

Robert Pattinson dated Nina Schubert from My body craves it. I'm not the foremost fan, but I adventure he's more than without a entirely cute.

"Two weeks ago, Rob and I went to a Kings of Leon concert with a girlfriend of mine named Sage," she says.

"Somebody photographed him and Sage together and it started this massive rumor that he's dating some supermodel named Annelyse, who's not even her. My friend Sage is getting such a kick out of it, you have no idea." Who is this mystery Sage?

How did Robert Pattinson land his role as sexy vampire Edward in Twilight?

Somehow that doesn’t make him come across as less skeevy to me, though I suppose I can understand his reasoning.

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