Is a shaved head intimidating

As far as attracting another mate, your odds do not go up or down significantly either way.If you are not losing your hair and are just looking for a change, then you probably need to look into the advantages and disadvantages before you head into a new look.If you are out to impress your current significant other or friend circle just ask them.As far as attracting another mate, there is a certain segment of the population that will appreciate the new look. And yet another segment that will be indifferent about it.

Most of these come back to issues with self-esteem.

Be aware that growing your hair back in will take a few months once you shave it all off.

All different types of facial hair styles pair well with a shaved head.

If you have any moles or other skin imperfections on your scalp the electric razor may be for you.

An electric foil razor takes away almost all chances of cutting your skin while shaving.

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