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Kathleen got the ball rolling again with this absolute gem that we can only presume she meant to send privately to her granddaughter Andrea.It wasn't long before Kathleen was quickly notified of her mistake: In a panic, she then sent a direct message to Andrea..was what she had intended to do in the first place!The closest they come to carpe diem is Andrew’s granny’s pragmatic: “Always say yes now; you can say no later.” They don’t seem to spend a lot of time talking about the acquisition of wealth, either.On this subject, Mairead’s grandfather had the right idea: “I wouldn’t trade my appetite for a king’s ransom,” he used to say.Amy’s American grandmother took a slightly more cynical view on the wisdom of keeping up appearances: “You can’t polish a turd”. On morality, the wisdom of Winnie’s mammy Bernie could have saved Trump a whole lot of trouble.There is a notable absence of talk of “thrilling journeys” among the older generation – except for the motto of Christine’s late granny, who was still wearing heels and drinking champagne when she passed away at the age of 97. “Keep us from sin, shame and bad company,” is her oft-cited motto.

It's bloody gas, but take a look at this Wexford mammy that's doing her very best to say the words "nutty noisy machine".

Kathleen Gunning from Rochfortbridge, Co Westmeath is a fairly tech savvy woman; she is the proud owner of a snazzy Samsung smartphone and tablet and she even has Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram accounts.

But on this particular occasion, poor Kathleen made a little blunder which resulted in a barrel of laughs for everyone else.

So frankly, Bill Gates, if I need perspective, wisdom, or advice on how to live well, I’ll turn to those who have spent their days in the same world as me: the world where people lie awake wondering which day the recycling lorry comes, and whether it’s still safe to eat the chicken three days after the best-before date.

(For the latter, I always turn to the advice of my maternal grandmother: “If in doubt, throw it out.”) Possibly my favourite mantra of all is the one Charlie’s grandmother was fond of: “What’s the use of birds?

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    One volume and two tone knobs are original 1964 Mustang radio controls! Not shown in pictures is an incredible birds eye maple neck.

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