Internet dating the borderline

Good parents want their kids to thrive and grow up to be successful, independent adults.Most parents work hard to help their children become as or more successful than they are.She may also try to impoverish you by using the courts to extort as much child and spousal support as possible.She equates “winning” to hurting you and taking or destroying anything or anyone you care about or love and that includes the children.Common reasons BPDs/NPDs and other personality disordered parents sabotage their children’s development: 1) Exposure.If and when the BPD/NPD parent has exposed her asshattery to a teacher(s), other parents, coaches and/or school administration, she may push to change the children’s school.

Why do my kids’ teachers look at me like I’m a serial killer when I attend parent teacher conferences?One could argue that the BPD/NPD is embarrassed, but many of them appear to be quite shameless — and relentless.More likely, her mask of super mom, single martyr mom or victim of my POS ex-husband mom has slipped and she has revealed which parent is the actual problem.But don't underestimate her -- she can be nefarious when she wants to be.Though she's more likely to steal a spouse than to steal B.As sociopaths we all have a baby sister named Borderline Personality Disorder.(This woman has a real sister with BPD and wrote a book based partially on her experiences).Then, there’s another kind of parent, oftentimes a borderline and/or narcissistic parent, who seems to deliberately sabotage their children’s education and development by regularly changing schools, not providing their kids with the stability and consistency that facilitates learning and good school performance, feeding their kids a poor diet, encouraging prolonged dependence on mommy, competing with their kids for attention and a host of other supremely unhealthy behaviors.Why do many BPDs/NPDs and other personality disordered parents do this?2) “Winning.” During and after a divorce or break-up, the BPD/NPD wants to “win,” which typically means inflicting maximum pain on you for “abandoning” her (even if she initiates the break up).Oftentimes, this individual weaponizes shared children and engages in parental alienation.

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