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She lives there because she hasn't worked in many years and has no income – and because she is the mother of his children.

He spends whatever time he can with me and then goes home to take care of the kids and sleep.

Even now, as I begin to consider dating, I draw upon the wisdom of another single mother who surmised: “I only want to be with someone who is an improvement upon my solitude.” Yes, seek to be with someone who is an improvement upon solitude rather than a bandage over a feared aloneness.How do I stop myself from feeling anxiety about them doing things together? The real issue here is that he lives with her, and that his situation doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon.-Very confused If this guy lived in his own place, would you get upset about him taking a day trip with his family or shopping with his ex? You need to ask yourself how comfortable you are dating a man who's still living with someone else. What happens if he wants to get closer to someone he really likes?Carolynn Aristone, founder and director of the Center for Intimate Relationships, agrees. J., Aristone serves both the New Jersey and the Philadelphia region. Your chances of meeting someone who shares your interests are greater when you get out into the world and engage, as opposed to just swiping left and right.She is a wife, mother of two boys, and an entrepreneur who maintains a busy practice offering individuals and couples quality, research-based, and heart-felt counsel as they navigate the joy and complexities of intimate relationships. Single parents tend to wonder: “Who will want to date me? How many of us, after the ending of a marriage or long-term relationship, have been encouraged to have a one-night stand as a means of “moving on?” How many well-meaning friends have encouraged us to set up a Tinder profile even before we’ve come to peace with the ending of our prior relationship – no matter how difficult or toxic it was?Rather, Aristone asks single parents to nourish a healthy self concept and stay wisely connected to our real versus virtual world.For example, Aristone encourages single parents to pursue revivifying interests wherein the possibility of meeting an individual who shares such interests face-to-face (rather than swipe-to-swipe) is increased. As a single parent, my dating choices don’t impact me alone.My concern – and something I can't seem to shake – is they still do things together like shop for clothes and holiday gifts for the kids.They have gone out as a family since we started dating, and they have taken family day trips.

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