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The Danish government, which controlled Iceland at the time, offered to relocate the entire population to Denmark.The Icelanders declined, although small parties immigrated to Brazil and Wisconsin.He criticised Icelandic legislators’ approach to the issue, saying, “It is unacceptable that something that belongs to a religious tradition should be prohibited just for ideological reasons.” Bishop David Tencer of Reykjavik wrote a letter expressing his solidarity with the Muslim and Jewish communities.However, Fr Rolland said, the tiny Catholic minority in Iceland – representing about 4 percent of the population – cannot do much to change the course of events.

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“If this bill goes through, it would mean regular persecution of Jewish people,” Fr Jakob Rolland, chancellor of the Diocese of Reykjavik, told Catholic News Service.There they had been promised an Icelandic reserve in what was then an unorganized part of the North-West Territories.This reserve, established by an order-in-council, became New Iceland, a unique political structure in Canadian history. Fifty immigrants had remained in Winnipeg the first year, and 200 the second, creating the basis for the first permanent urban Icelandic settlement in Canada.“That brings us back to 1933, when Hitler took power in Germany.And we know how it ended.” The new bill, presented by seven members of the Icelandic parliament in February, seeks to ban nonmedically indicated circumcision of male children under age 18. No person should be subject to unnecessary operations without their consent,” said Dr Olafur Thor Gunnarsson, a member of the Icelandic parliament who is sponsoring the bill, at a conference April 17 in Reykjavik.They were given free transportation to Ontario by the Canadian government, as well as offers of free land.Rosseau, in the Muskoka district, was selected as a site, but government employment, which had been promised until the land was cleared, was not adequate, and most settlers soon left, leaving behind a small permanent settlement.KARLSEFNI's son Snorri was probably the first European born in what is now Canada.Iceland, an island settled in the 9th century AD by renegade NORWEGIAN chieftains and their followers, is warmed by the Gulf Stream and has a fairly moderate climate.By 1800 the national population was reduced to only 47 000 by disease, starvation and volcanic eruptions.In the 19th century, new disasters, including sheep epidemics, a deterioration in the climate and more volcanic eruptions, followed.

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