How to stop messenger updating

Go to Control Panel - Services, right click on “Windows Update” and click Stop.

Windows XP users need to stop the “Automatic Updates” service instead.

Simply do the opposite or reboot to start the service again.

If you want a quick way to do that, using the “net start” command via command prompt is an option.

Windows Update is a component that can schedule and automatically download and install important security updates for your version of Windows in the background without the user having to interact with the process.

While this feature can be very useful for many Windows users to keep their computer up to date, it can also be a complete pain as well because there are one or two issues that can spring up and surprise you when you least expect or want it.

Alternatively, it’s possible to make a desktop shortcut like the ones we’ve created here for you, one to stop the service and another to restart it in case you don’t want to reboot the system.

This is slowing down my internet connection, taking up a lot of hard disc space, and raises privacy concerns as all my emails are being stored on the PC.On i Phone Using the Settings App on Android Using the Google Play Store on Android Community Q&A This wiki How teaches you how to delete the Facebook Messenger app from your i Phone or Android.Deleting the Facebook Messenger app will automatically sign you out of Messenger on your smartphone, but you'll still be able to chat with Messenger users by using the Facebook website.This is slowing down my internet connection, taking up a lot of hard disc space, and raises privacy concerns as all my emails are being stored on the PC. I have had the same problem with my Talk Talk email address, but I have solved it!!How can I stop Windows Live Mail from downloading my emails? Hey, I've had the same issue and one way I've found to work around this (At least in Windows Mail) is to change the synchronization options. I simply added the same Talktalk address to create another account in Live Mail but I used manual settings. I copied all my folders over to the new Talk Talk account and deleted the old Talk Talk account. Help, my PC with Windows 10 won't shut down properly Since upgrading to Windows 10 my computer won't shut down properly.Do you have an app that refuses to update or a new app that is stuck in the middle of the download?This is actually fairly common and there are a number of reasons why an app might get stuck in the downloading phase.If you want to remove yourself from Facebook chat completely, you'll have to delete your Facebook account as well.I recently installed Windows Live Mail and signed in with my hotmail account.If Windows is trying to install critical updates on a schedule or at the next available opportunity that require a reboot, it will popup the restart dialog.But it will also show a timer which will automatically reboot your computer to finish the update, whether you want it to or not.

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