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Boston Celtics' Al Horford flexes in front of Philadelphia 76ers' Ersan Ilyasova after he was fouled during the third quarter in Game 1 of a second-round NBA playoff series basketball game at TD Garden in Boston on Monday, April 30, 2018.Staff photo by Christopher Evans As evidenced by back-to-back 26-point performances in Game 7 against Milwaukee and Game 1 against Philadelphia, Al Horford is feeling especially sprightly as a 31-year-old making his 10th playoff appearance.The NBA being what it is now in terms of sleep and minutes management, Horford approves of how his time was used during the regular season by Brad Stevens and his staff.“No question about it,” Horford said while preparing for Thursday night’s Game 2.

““I think we had a plan of attack throughout the regular season based on each individual.It’s been very beneficial for our group.”The proof resides in what Stevens can now do with his lineup.Horford is one of four Celtics averaging 34 or more minutes per game with the youthful Terry Rozier leading everyone at 35.7 minutes.However, his defensive rebound rate pales in comparison to the monstrous 36.3 percent rate that Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond has gobbled up defensive rebounds to this season.Horford received his first chance of the season to challenge Drummond’s 15.6 rebounds-per-game throne, and the results were disappointing for Celtics fans.He made his professional NBA debut in the 2007-2008 season for Atlanta Hawks.Al Horford is yet to be cast in a theatrical film as of December 2017.Drummond continued his dominance on the glass, garnering 22 rebounds in addition to 26 points on 10-for-12 shooting from the field.With the performance, he became the first visiting player since Wilt Chamberlain in 1967 to come into Boston and put up 25 points, 20 rebounds and five assists.After being dominated on the glass for much of last season, Boston needed Horford to increase his presence on the boards in order to vault themselves forward into undeniable NBA Finals contention.Horford has responded to his team’s need, upping his defensive rebound percentage from 18.6 percent to 22.9 percent.

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