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A stateless session is a lower-level abstraction that is much closer to the underlying JDBC.Stateless Session session = session Stateless Session(); Transaction tx = session.begin Transaction(); Scrollable Results customers = Named Query("Get Customers") .scroll(Scroll Mode.An HQL bulk operation might result in multiple actual SQL statements being executed (for joined-subclass, for example).The returned number indicates the number of actual entities affected by the statement.Hibernate Template.execute(Hibernate Template.java:151) org.hibernate. Hibernate Template.update(Hibernate Template.java:236) com.b2b. Postal Address DAO.update(Postal Address DAO.java:140) com.b2b.action. Postal Address Action.update(Postal Address Action.java:272) sun.reflect. Native Method Accessor Impl.invoke0(Native Method) sun.reflect. Native Method Accessor Impl.invoke(Native Method Accessor Impl.java:39) sun.reflect. Http Servlet.service(Http Servlet.java:810) com.b2b.datas.filters. Session Filter(Session Checking.java:50) org.displaytag.filter. Response Override Filter(Response Override Filter.java:86) org.tomcat.filters. Reply Header Filter(Reply Header Filter.java:75) root cause hibernate. customer Accounts Set i do following steps to update a record 1) get the customer Info objetc from session successfully 2) get the customer Accounts Set = customer Customer Accounts(); 3) traying to add a new customer Account say customer Account1 to be saved for the first time without primery key in it 4) traying to update a customer Account say customer Account2 to be updated with primery key in it 5) traying to add a delete customer Account say customer Account3 with primery key in it only step 5 is not executed properly as i can still see the deleted record in db , although save and update steps have been successfully completed in db.

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Max File Size = 4096KB # Set the number of log files (0 means no backup files at all) log4j.appender.hibernate Log. Max Backup Index = 1 log4j.appender.errors Log.layout = org.apache.log4j. Conversion Pattern = [%p] [%d] [%t|%c] %m%n First, I read an object via Hibernate, update it in the code, and then call a dao’s update method to persist it – pretty simple.

Max Backup Index = 10 # Append to the end of the file or overwrites the file at start. Append = false log4j.appender.hibernate Log.layout = org.apache.log4j. However while debugging it step by step, after executing the Hibernate update query, in a log, I saw: So the Hibernate did not update the object due the fact that it thought that another object was already associated with this Hibernate session.

Meaning the flexibility is there, but the framework should not encourage its clients to get inside framework’s stereotypes.

This way framework’s code (internal stereotypes) can alter, and still have “older version clients” running without (significant) change.

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