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There is also no agreement or comprehensive data on how many people are intersex.Estimates range from 0.05% to 1.7% of the population, depending on which physical variations (hormonal, chromosomal, anatomical) are included.Memories surface in rapid succession, detail after detail, like a flipbook of Polaroids.

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He hopes that finally people will begin to discuss a basic fact of life: that a lot of people’s bodies are not entirely male or female.This difference, in which typically the urethra doesn’t extend all the way to the tip of the penis, is called hypospadias and is found in about 1 in 250 boys.When combined with either an undersized penis or undescended testicles it can alert doctors to a range of intersex conditions.Indeed, most intersex variations are not medically dangerous, do not cause any physical problems, and sometimes only surface in puberty or adulthood, with some individuals never knowing.All of which leads to two questions: If Anick was deemed a boy but others in his situation have been deemed a girl, who should decide such a thing, and using which measures?In a medical context doctors use the phrase “disorders of sex development”, which is controversial as it suggests something being wrong when it might merely be different.Similarly, some intersex advocates prefer not to use the word “condition” to describe physical differences, because this too suggests pathology rather than variety – and so in a more medical context prefer to use “variations of sex characteristic”.Surgery would then follow to construct female genitalia.Such an intervention was not medically necessary, but an attempt to “normalise” the baby.This quandary rang out from headlines a few years ago when the International Association of Athletics Federations decided to investigate Caster Semenya, the Olympic champion middle-distance runner, to ascertain if she is female.They gave her “sex verification tests”, which can include chromosome and hormone tests, among others.

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