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It isn’t about what we have…but what we do with what we have. Matt was raised in a small rural community and as the saying goes,” It takes a village to raise a child”, Matt’s village shunned him as his addiction turned on him. However we have a long long way to go to master the beast of addiction. He was a kind and precious soul and was a fabulously talented musician, singer, & composer. was young and “dabbling” in a world that began to overtake him, attack his mind and mental stability, and made him feel that he didn’t deserve the forgiveness Jesus died to give him. To those that lost a loved, my heart breaks for us and those struggling with the addiction, may you be strong to seek recovery.

A lover of life and deeply loved by his family and friends. In a way he knew the secret to life so much more than most of us. lived a mere 21 yrs but touched the lives and hearts of so many. P’s enemy convinced him he would not live long, nor was he worthy to live. He will be forever loved,missed and always in our hearts.

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How many days am I supposed to wait to say anything? I say my son Maxwell’s name proudly and I am NEVER embarrassed to tell his story.

We tried all that was offered to us, wilderness and therapeutic boarding school to follow. He spent three weeks in jail and was released on house arrest.

Not only had they changed, but we didn’t understand the depths of addiction. Take him to college, to room with his lifelong friend, and all would be ok. It’s a long story, but he was arrested in connection with a friends overdose.

We will shed our tears and carry on…but you will never be forgotten. (10/12/1989 – 06/08/2018) Matt was a vivacious 23 year old in February 2012 when he passed away from an overdose. Everything he had he gave away as soon as it was given to him. bought into the lies and stopped caring for his own life and started taking risks with it. At this point, he had high hopes that he would find recovery and 10 days after entering the facility, he overdosed. Such a great loss of life,he had so much life to live and so much good to give.

There was so much more waiting in the years to come, but that shall not happen. is now at peace and is whole and well and over time this fact has given me peace and joy for him. Although it has broken my heart, and still does at times, I know I will reunite with him one day and there will be no more goodbyes. After years of treatments, from rehabs to outpatient clinics, the devil, took control over his life.

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