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They have 4 children and are down to zero resources having paid many fines. Anyone who would like to pray for or help support Peter & me during our time here would be much appreciated too. Michele’s contact details: [email protected] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Needing help for your home schooling journey: And Here are a couple of links to get you started home schooling: Information on getting started: and Information on getting an exemption: This link is motivational: Exemption Form online: Beneficiaries: Israel Wayne “I could never homeschool my children. Many parents even say such things within earshot of their children.

The authorities attempted to take their children but they have escaped via Berlin. Whenever a parent says something like that to me, my immediate response is, “Well, I guess that you, even more than other parents, really need to homeschool your children!

I recently heard a homeschooling mother lament the fact that she had much more time for Bible reading and prayer before she had children. It seems like the more children you have, the more the pressures and responsibilities of life crowd out the things that we consider luxuries, such as taking naps, exercising, having a social life or developing our spiritual disciplines.

It would seem that unmarried people (or at least people without children) have a much greater chance of being truly spiritual, since they are not distracted by the hectic pace of life brought on by child-rearing.

Our flesh wants to run away from this discipleship process as far and as fast as we can! He wants to teach us how to take up our cross daily, deny ourselves, follow Him, and love and serve little people who don’t appreciate it (see Luke ).

Once God has captured your heart and will, He as an agent of His grace in their lives.

The first reason has nothing to do with your children. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, God wants you to teach your children for a purpose that doesn’t relate to them and their needs.

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Using printables, you can create an entire curriculum that will fit with many types of homeschooling.

If you belong to Him, He will discipline and train you (Hebrews 12) to become conformed into the image of His Son (Romans ). You see, God is doing the same thing to us that we are trying to do with our children. The quicker we learn this lesson, the sooner we can start passing it on to our children.

One of the primary means by which God works out the selfishness and carnality in our lives is by allowing crisis into our lives to show us what we are truly like. You can only give to someone else what you possess yourself.

Registrations are now OPEN Please feel free to share the brochure with any Home schooling Mum you think might be interested in a weekend of refreshment and encouragement.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Needing help for your home schooling journey: thought you might be interested in putting the following info out to NZ homeschoolers…

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