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I wish the film had a bit of a bigger budget in the sense that it looks like it was made on a tiny budget and musicals are much better when the sound is powerful. Go see this in the theaters, if for nothing else to make sure Carney gets money to keep making films.When the band rehearses in the school hall, the emergency light over the exit door has the 'running man' pictograph.It lies across the River Foyle from Strabane (in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland) and is linked to that town by Lifford Bridge.Manus O'Donnell began building the castle in 1527 on the Wednesday after St.

He completed the masonry and woodwork by the end of that summer even though the O’Neill’s of Tyrone were at war with him.This was not used in Ireland in 1985 and would have only shown the word ' EXIT'.See more » One of the disclaimers in the closing credits: "This is a period film.Synge Street School, like much of Ireland, was a very different place in the 1980's [sic] than it is now.Today Synge Street School is a progressive, multi-cultural school with an excellent academic record and a committed staff of teachers." See more » The movie to beat this summer isn't a superhero movie. So light and warm hearted and funny and yet deep and powerful.As an American I had a little trouble at times with the thick Irish accents.When I watch the CD I may have to stick the subtitles on.Its a movie about a teenager forming a band to try and impress a girl. The Music is amazing even the original songs are fantastic. It is directed by the great John Carney who directed one of my favorite movies about music, Once. In 1544 Calvagh, the son of O'Donnell, went to the English Lord Justice, and brought back English soldiers with him to Tirconnell, the olden name for County Donegal.O'Donnell, Calvagh, and these men went with ‘ordnance and engines for taking towns’ to the castle of Lifford to take it back from the descendants of the O'Gallaghers.

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