Gay professional dating service

Plenty of men -- and not just older guys - are uncomfortable with digital dating.

Or they simply want a more personal approach in a purely marriage-minded venue.

Needless to say, this made the getting-to-know-you process much, much safer (though not necessarily easier).

Things were further streamlined in 2009 with the advent of Grindr, the first-ever smartphone app designed for romantic purposes.

If that doesn't interest you, then we're not a good match." Unfortunately, these men often encounter sex-seeking men who pretend to be interested in more than a casual date or two when they really aren't.

In response to this, some guys are turning away from modern technology and going old-school, opting for a traditional matchmaker.

At H4M, it’s our goal to help gay and lesbian professionals find fulfilling, long-term relationships through private, offline matchmaking.

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My husband was my thirtieth potential match, but I was his third.

"When our clients feel like they may have met their long-term match, they go 'on hold,' " she says.

"On average, a fourth to a third of our clients are on hold." So, is an old-school yenta like H4M a better alternative than online dating/hookup websites and apps? In truth, the majority of gay men are incredibly tech-savvy, and many are just as comfortable meeting and flirting and getting to know another guy through IMs, texts and webcams as face-to-face.

After that, of course, the landscape changed pretty quickly.

By the mid-1990s, we were meeting not in public spaces but online - in private chat rooms and, within a few years, through dating sites.

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