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They act to consume much of the simple carbohydrate food sources available in the intestinal tract so that bad bacteria and organisms are deprived of food and cannot reproduce as fast.

Dys-symbiosis, or dysbiosis occurs when the balance of flora and organisms in the GI tract becomes upset.

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Beneficial bacteria aid in digestion, correct p H balance, break down of foods and prevent the build up of harmful bacteria.This is an extremely complex living system that aggressively protects your body from outside offenders.' Whilst we are emptying our bowels of stool once or more a day (hopefully) and expelling this stool together with the bacteria, good and bad therein, we are continually introducing new food from the mouth and stomach into the digestive tract.The digestive tract is slowly moving the food through it via peristalsis.Approximately 70% of the body's immune system capability derives from the beneficial bacteria in the GI tract.The average adult body contains approximately 2.5 kg of bacteria (100 trillion bacteria), both good and bad types.Lactobacilli and Bifobacteria also assist in protein digestion. They produce natural antibiotics and antifungals such as hydrogen peroxide (not in the ridiculously high quantities that are available with H2O2 supplementation or other oxygenating products).Lactobacillus acidophilus secretes the antifungal and antimicrobial agents including lactocidin, lactobacillin, acidolin and as mentioned above, hydrogen peroxide.I believe that I play the piano well enough, so maybe one day my man will listen to my performance. Looking for the same in a really special, unique guy. In other words, the health of your body is largely tied into the health of your gut, and it's hard to have one be healthy if the other is not.One of the reasons why your gut has so much power has to do with the 100 trillion bacteria--about three pounds worth--that line your intestinal tract.

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