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She then gave me a little smile and returned to the lewd blow job she was performing. I got up off the bed thinking the fun was over but Cynthia shot me those bedroom eyes again and then reached down and removed her little white panties!It wasn't long before the combination of the sensation of Cynthia's lips on my cock and the fragrance of her excited little pussy had me ready to cum. I gave the pretty black haired mother no warning, I didn't have time really. " She complained as she felt my seed filling her mouth. With me looking on she covered her hand with her still warm panties and then rolled onto her belly and opened her legs.And so I licked her pussy the best I could until I couldn't stand it and pulled the leg band to one side and exposed Cynthia's bare pussy! I just hesitated briefly, looking longingly at her pussy, then I went to work licking it!Cynthia cried out in pleasure when she felt my tongue working on her bare vaginal flesh. I was hoping to fuck her but Cynthia had another little surprise for me.Then, one night I got a call from Mom advising me that she was spending the night in Santa Barbara with Don. And, when she got back the next day she had that glow about her.I was tickled to hear her almost embarrassed tone of voice when she told me the news. Like she finally got fucked and I was glad for her.

I felt Cynthia going to work again on my cock, her mouth sliding up and down my shaft, doing her best to please me as I continued to tongue fuck her panties.

It was like she had forgotten I was even there as she moaned and cried out "Oh! " as her pleasure increased until, at last she gasped and sputtered and had an orgasm right there in front of me! As you might imagine my cock hardened while Cynthia was busy pleasing herself and, when she was finished I promptly moved her to her knees and shoved all the hard on I had into her now furiously aroused pussy. " She gasped when she felt me roughly entering her and then she began to fuck back at me and the two of us just went at it in that cute little bed and breakfast bedroom.

I just grabbed her hips and pulled her into my hard working cock. And, as I was finally getting ready for my second shot of the evening, she begged: "Please fuck me Don! " That sent me over the edge and I sent what was left of my semen jetting into Cynthia's now thoroughly satisfied pussy!

No, the fabric was pure white and completely diaphanous!

I licked all over the baby flesh just outside the leg bands of her panties and then used my fingers to open her pussy lips beneath her underwear.

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