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If you buy a grey import you know the risks and I probably would give these guys a chance again if they have the cheapest is my experience with them.....shows that contempt for Australian Consumer Law Now online: Leave a question or comment and our agents will try to attend to you shortly =)Malhi, wheres my phone?you need to tell people the phones come from Hong Kong as here the signal needs to be stronger because our towers are further apart Altheai will inform finance team about your cancellation and refund request.

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Thanks for contacting us.order number pls Mal200008150Altheathank youlet me check on that Your order is currently being processed for dispatch.This went on for 3 days and the I found out that unless they can get it from another supplier at that price I will have to wait no way! I imagine if there are warranty issues on the phone they will give you problems. DO NOT BUY from this company Android-enjoy as it will not be a good experience.They send out phones which are not for the Australian market and will not work well here in Australia, because the signal strength on some phones like the HTC Rhyme is very weak and, you will always be out of signal so the phone is useless in Australia. The website pretends to be an Australian online store but, is in fact a bit of a scam website, as the owners of the website are shown as being in London, with a European name, but in real terms are Hong Kong Chinese and Singapore Chinese.Maljust make sure my refund is put through tomorrow.Altheai said 24-48 business hours Althea Is there anything else i can help you with today? I have had a very negative experience with Digital Skies Services who own Android Enjoyed and would not recommend purchasing from them.Then they will charge you a 30% restocking fee plus you are responsible for the return postage to Hong-Kong.The company is a shonky company trying to and successfully ripping off Australians with not a good word to be found anywhere that is genuine on the internet.As soon as tracking information is available, you will be notified via email. NOWAlthea We are based in Hong Kong and products will ship from here.Thank you for your patience Mali should have received it by now if the stock is in Australia. Malthe advertisement said "Australian stock"so I will have a refund as you have lied to me, and Hong Kong phones will not work well here Altheaplease confirm if you wish to cancel order Mal Yes, I confirm.Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying a grey import smartphone from an Internet website. rang them up a few days later, asked them for my order they couldn't find it, and then they said my phone was unavailable :sthey took my money as well. This is what I posted on Product Reviews: What a terrible experience trying to buy from this site.Has anyone had any experience dealing with this website Android Enjoyed, be it for purchasing or dealing with warranty issues? I wanted the Samsung Galaxy S3 4G so ordered it on back order.

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