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It looked ripe for a spanking so I had her spank herself on cam for me.Her cheeks turned red as she slapped her ass till I told her to stop.There are hundreds of submissive women available and they are all obedient and willing to please.Each Master is different and the things they like to do to a female will always vary but the whores available are all adapt at dealing with different commands and will always do as they are told.There are always girls and women online who need a strong man to control them and put them in their place.

This was just an example of some of the things I do to female slaves on cams.Just as there are lots of submissive men out there who need a strong, dominant woman to control them and keep them in line, there are also lots and lots of females who still appreciate that male is still the superior sex.They know that a man is the dominant species and they live to please him and do what ever he wants.She won’t make the same mistake of questioning me again. Again and again I made her whack her cockhole till she was yelping.After the spreader bar was attached, I could get a good look at her pussy. But first, a show that she would do what ever I told her to. Then I had her hit it with a riding crop till it was a delicious colour of crimson red.In my online traning webcam sessions i like my submissive to know who is in charge at all times.I always like to make sure my slaves are humiliated to keep them humble so I had her get a black magic marker and write “whore” on her forehead and I also had her put “cum slut” above her tits and “cock addict please fuck me” on her stomach.But I made her wait till I had shot my load before I would let her.She was desperate to cum but she obediently waited till I had finished.The first thing I noticed was that she had a top on so I ordered her to take it off. She winched at the first one and hesitated with the second. To punish her for her hesitance, I made her attach some weights and then to jump up and down.She did so despite the fact I could see the discomfort in her face. Next I told her to remove her shorts and I saw she had a silky, smooth pussy that had been well shaved. I told her to put the spreader bar on ankles and put it to the widest setting.

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