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How a romance scam works Chances are you’ve tried an online dating site in hopes of finding true love.

Unfortunately, scammers post fake profiles and pictures on these same sites in hopes of finding deep pockets.

Experts said the scammers will operate in teams and may work off scripts. Army Criminal Investigation Command has issued warnings about scammers who claim to be military members.

Their correspondence may contain spelling and grammatical errors. Spokesman Christopher Grey says the Army receives several dozen calls each week about scammers who purport to be in the military.

Other tricks include getting you to smuggle drugs or launder money unknowingly.

For example, Joseph Byron Martin, a 77-year-old retired pastor in Maine, was released from a Spanish prison in 2016.

Other dangers: sextortion and worse If you’re all dreamy about your online love, you may be vulnerable to sextortion, a form of blackmail, Sluppick says.

Also, copy his or her photo and do an image search to see if anyone else shows up with that photo, Nofziger says.

The scammer often will make excuses for why he or she can’t talk on the phone, or will make – and then cancel – plans to meet you.

The scammer then will claim there has been an emergency and he or she needs money.

The scammer transfers stolen money into the account, then asks you to wire it out of the country, the FTC warns.

Keep your guard up Rather than jumping right into an online relationship, “Be mysterious,” Nofziger advises. Don’t give out everything right away.” If you have any suspicions, search online to check if what he or she has told you jibes with what is publicly available online.

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