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I grabbed both and brought them back, setting each at the open end of the table, and finally sat down between my girl and Mandy. Deedee moaned into me and grabbed my wrists, pressing my palms over her luscious tits. I simply wasn’t going past making out with this audience. “Let’s step out of the van for a bit.” I started to relax immediately as doors opened and the girls filed out with some embarrassment. She moaned and ground her pelvis into me, my cock thickening to her attention once again. With that, I plunged my face into her cleavage, kissing her soft skin and inhaling her heavenly scent. She arched her tits into me as her head rolled back. “And I have a lot to learn about racing,” Deedee nodded, taking a sip of her pop through a bendy straw with her eyes on me. Efficient Allison was back with refills and took an order for Lexie. Lea was wolfing down a pizza burger and onion rings. “Hi Katie,” I responded before even turning to her. “We’ll be there,” Lexie agreed, with her usual charm. He’s scared of you.” I shot a look right at Lexie’s mirthful green eyes before turning back to Katie. “No matter what happens tomorrow night, it’s you I want to be with,” I said in earnest.I gripped and pressed them together as she nibbled my lower lip in pleasure. “Parker, don’t make a mess back there,” Lexie added before closing the driver’s door. “We weren’t going to get naked with the van full,” she said mirthfully. “Oh, God, Jacob,” she moaned at the ceiling of the van.

“Lay down on the seat and let me kiss you everywhere.” She didn’t hesitate for a moment.This time I didn’t even pause to admire the beauty of my work area. She had a gorgeous little peach of a pussy, with slightly protruding lips, begging to be kissed and suckled. Her tummy was tense against my forehead as I went to work, sucking, licking and swirling my tongue over her clit.I ran my tongue from as low as I could reach to the fuzzy top of her cleft. ” she shuddered, already wrapping one leg around my back, her hands gripping the seat backs. I ran my hands up her thighs and looked into her eyes as I began lapping lightly at the top of her sex. Deedee sucked her breath in through gritted teeth, then held it as her hips bucked into my face.She kissed back, hard, tasting her own nectar on my lips and tongue. “I want you too,” she said with a whine in her voice, her kisses hungrier yet.“We can’t tonight though.” The realization threw cold water on my burning desire. “You’re clothes are all over the place.” It was true.I put my forehead against hers softly, catching my breath as well. “It’s going to be worth it though.” I opened my eyes just as she did. Her shirt was practically choking her, with her tits peeking out of the bottom of her bra and her pants and panties were hanging off one dainty ankle. She giggled and pounced on me, wrapping me in a nude full body hug.She giggled as well, then pulled her shirt down with a blush and fresh dimple display. ” I said before I realized what I was admitting before a mixed crowd. You’re closest.” “Thank you.” Deedee pouted a little and gave me a few more soft kisses as Lexie exited the abandoned farmstead and headed off for my house. She wrapped her arms around me and planted one last searing kiss on my lips, her eyes open for all of it. As much as anything else sexual, I loved the feel of her naked body against mine. Her skin was hot and soft and she smelled incredible. She kissed me and handed me the handcuffs, then got on all fours. I gave her a hesitant look, then pushed each half of the cuff through itself, opening them with a little menace.She was happy to see me and gave me a little smooch. The Saturday night party was a detail I still needed to work out. This felt immediately awkward as we got to the Hunter Caravan. ” Mandy Prentice was motioning for us to come join her table. “You can’t get into much trouble back there.” My cock thought otherwise, as Deedee was already running her hand over my thighs. The girls in front of us were chatting and laughing. She knew how to get me revved up, and it was working.Lexie popped into the driver’s seat and Deedee opened the sliding door, pulling me inside. She had Kim Nguyen with her at a long table for four, and another person with her back to us. I should have recognized the tall, athletic blonde as Lea Kent with her back to us. Lexie toured around our small town for a bit before finding her way to the gravel roads. I kissed her back, but still kept my hands to myself.My left hand pinched her exposed nipple as hard as I dared.Deedee let out a higher pitched whine and held the back of my head tightly against her chest, her hips working a steady rhythm on my lap.

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