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"It is best that you and your date do a lot of outside activities so you can remain focused on each other and not sex," he says.

Don't add more temptation by always being alone." Jason Peaks agrees that a relationship out in the open helped him and Danielle stay pure.

Often, more upsetting than the actual cheating is the betrayer’s revealed history of lying and secret keeping.

Essentially, the one person the betrayed partner thought would always be honest and loyal has been, and this revelation just shatters their relationship trust.

Instead, he or she is invested in your emotional health and long-term happiness.

Therefore, his or her priority will be guiding you toward the best possible decisions, taking into account your highly individualized needs and desires.

As such, I provide below a simple FAQ for betrayed partners.

Most betrayed spouses want to know much more about what happened than the cheater would like to tell.

In fact, gaining this knowledge is empowering and an integral part of the healing process.

Most likely your spouse has been hooking up with other adults, so he or she is not a direct danger to your kids.

However, your kids could still be inadvertently exposed age-inappropriate sexual materials (online pornography, sexualized chat sites, etc.) and this possibility must be addressed—the sooner the better.

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