Fake passport dating scam

In more developed scams, the scammer will pretend to be an Australian citizen in distress or will make use of what appears to be an Australian Government email address to send fraudulent emails.The message may even include fake details of a non-existent visa, scans of a visa or a passport bio-page, or documents bearing what looks like official Australian diplomatic stamps.Once a virtual relationship develops, it is usually followed by requests for money for things such as passports, visas, travel insurance, customs fees, bribes for officials, or other fictional fees such as an Australian Government travel bond or guarantee.Scammers might also claim they have been in an accident on the way to the airport and need money for hospital bills.

“I was thinking to introduce you to my bank, so you could do the payment from my account.” It was urgent.

He told me to contact his bank, Lazard, so I could access his account to do the transfer.

Pointing out that his bank didn’t know me got short shrift. You will go back there to get the slip.” When I claimed the police had called, asking about a suspicious transaction, the threats mounted. You have spoken to me, you know I am too smart to come that low.” Then he went sugary, promising to see me, so long as the money showed up in his account by Monday. It had been a horrible experience and easy to imagine how a vulnerable person might have been frightened and coerced into sending money.

I logged off again without trying to make any transaction, and let two weeks pass, but my slow progress drove Dr John mad. I pretended to make a cash transfer, to avoid paperwork.

“One would think this was clear enough for a school leaver to understand.” Jackson says my delaying tactics would be wrecking his targets. He explained this hitch by saying it was offshore banking, so a “security deposit” of £4,200 (HK,400) was needed to release the funds. “Would pay you right back.” So here, finally, was the sting. I don’t need this drama and suspense.” I decided it was time to hear his voice, so I recorded a Whats App call from him.

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