Error updating nqs spool file in interplot

The default settings provide good throughput for long-running batch jobs while adding a minimum of processing overhead in the batch daemons.Enables automatic archiving of LSF accounting log files, and specifies the archive interval.

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If you do not define this parameter, the directories are synchronized when data is logged to the files, or when mbatchd is started on the first LSF master host.By default, an EGO-enabled SLA requests slots from EGO based on the number of jobs the SLA needs to run.If the jobs themselves require more than one slot, they will remain pending.The lsb.params file defines general parameters used by the LSF system. If not present, the LSF-defined defaults are assumed.This file contains only one section, named Parameters. Some of the parameters that can be defined in lsb.params control timing within the system.Like LSB_SHAREDIR, the directory should be owned and writable by the primary LSF administrator.The directory must have at least 1 MB of free space.In the calculation of a user's dynamic priority, this factor determines the relative importance of the committed run time in the calculation.If the -W option of bsub is not specified at job submission and a RUNLIMIT has not been set for the queue, the committed run time is not considered. When a user submits a job without explicitly specifying an application profile, and no default application profile is defined by this parameter, LSF does not associate the job with any application profile.All LSF resource management is delegated to Platform EGO, and all LSF hosts are under EGO control.When all jobs running in the default SLA finish, all allocated hosts are relased to EGO after the default idle timeout of 120 seconds (configurable by MAX_HOST_IDLE_TIME in lsb.serviceclasses). When a user submits a job to LSF without explicitly specifying a service class, and there is no default service class defined by this parameter, LSF does not attach the job to any service class.

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