Email widget not updating who is samir nasri dating

4- Many users were able to fix Google search widget not working by simply doing a reboot.

Sometimes data packets get stuck and cache throttle don’t let the apps to work.

The only way I've found to get the widget to update is to tap it, open the app and then exit. I had updated Geir previously in a separate inquiry he had sent, but in testing the update - which takes 24 hours - we found additional update issues.

This required a second test and the updates are still not performing at the level that our 1Weather team desires.

Samsung Galaxy phone users, especially those of Samsung Galaxy S3 and S7 have complained multiple times that their Google search bar or Google widget isn’t working.

They either cannot open the Google search bar in their Galaxy phones, or they search bar just doesn’t work.

Please also mind, that rooting might void your warranty.

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Required: Now you should see the app in you app-folder again. Note: Some devices require to enable modifying the system-directory by putting the device to a mode called S-OFF.

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ATTENTION: The App doesn’t work on Android 2.2 / Froyo (except for HTC) for the build in mail app out of the box, because of the strict permission system (technical details here).

You can also try tapping the “Uninstall updates” option here.

Sometimes the faulty updates result in Google search widget not working problem in Android phones.

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