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She is actually said to have been with Richardson at the time, but apparently was just keeping their relationship under wraps.

She is not married yet but she had linked with several love affairs.

In 2003, she attended Deering High School which is located in Portland.

She started her acting career from her school days.

In her own words, "If I find a movie where my character wears sweatpants all the time I swear I'll do it for free."Considering she maintains a low maintenance vibe, it's no surprise that her love life has also been somewhat drama-free.

She's held down two long-term relationships since rising to fame after 2009's Up in the Air and has only been the subject of a few faux romances.

Anna Kendrick is so chill, even the gossip surrounding her is relaxed.

Or maybe it's just the fact that everyone wants her to be happy because she's the best ever.

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Anna Kendrick is rumored to have hooked up with Jake Gyllenhaal in 2011.

They were seen hanging out together but there is no proof of their relationship and at that time she was in relationship with Edgar Wright.

After dissolved the relationship with Edgar Wright, Anna Kendrick began dating with Ben Richardson since august 2014. They are still together and spotted in many places together.

It's rare to find a celeb who is so universally beloved that every talk show host wants to interview them and every moviegoer wants to be their best friend.

Anna Kendrick, star of the Pitch Perfect franchise, is one of those celebrities.

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