Drupal twitter block not updating

So, let's go ahead and copy this folder, then go to our directory, and let's expand the site's folder. No prior Drupal experience is required, and when you're done you will have learned the most important components of Drupal site building and will have developed the skills to tackle unanticipated problems as they arise.I'm going to go ahead and collapse this library's folder, and then under the Module's folder we have all of the Modules that we downloaded through the Update Manager Module, including the Media folder. Before watching this series, you will need a fresh Drupal 7 installation.

As we make the final additions to our January build, we've addressed an issue causing delay.Below some recommended modules for the integration of social media into your Drupal website: 1.Giving your visitors the possibility to share content, 2.This will not effect any of the VIP packages that include House Of Memories access.We’ve received many questions over the past week regarding what time venues open.We do not know that information as some venues open at different times and it’s faster to just check the time on your ticket or check with the venue’s twitter or online!Best means for me: Easy to configure, easy to handle, flexible and reliable.encouraging your visitors to "Follow" or "Like" dedicated accounts/sites on Twitter and/or Facebook, 5.publishing your social media posts on your website and 6.This problem arises because I am trying to display my users using Views, but because my migrated users are "blocked", I cannot expose them to Views.Could someone provide a snippet of code or a tutorial on how to set user status to active?

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