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- Broad Product Offerings: Although David De Angelo focuses on dating success, he offers a wide variety of specific products that cater to particular needs and interests.He breaks down his products into three broad categories: dating essentials (which are the "must haves"), inner game programs (which focus on how to develop confidence), and technique programs (which focus on actual pick-up situations).David De Angelo (AKA Eben Pagan) is considered one of the elite in the pick up artist industry in terms of popularity and is well know for the marketing of his products.

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Drawing from the rise of evolutionary psychology, this helped bring about greater awareness that attraction is an emotional process that must be triggered through explicitly non-rational or even irrational techniques and behavior on the part of the male seducer.The e-mails are also very personal: they often discuss De Angelo's struggles early on, and ask questions like "has this ever happened to you?" forcing the reader to think about past failures that he would like to avoid.By offering a money-back guarantee, De Angelo takes the risk away from the buyer.He is effectively saying that the buyer can't lose.This theory sought to clarify and express the insight that women are attracted most of all to a presentation of confidence combined a certain sense of humor that conveys strength and value rather than insecurity and supplication.A man must convey these attributes, which can overcome most other factors such as physical appearance and material possessions.He emphasizes that when he started, he was just an ordinary guy who was struggling in the dating world.With his techniques, will be able to replicate his success.Sure, he's going to get some refunds, but he'll also boost sales dramatically.A final thought: Lots of people think that customizing your message to your audience is everything.

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