Discrepancies in the radiocarbon dating area of the turin shroud whats up a relative age dating activity

The unavoidable interweaving required of this invisible mending technique would, most assuredly, have created heterogeneity in the C-14 sample area." Marino has recently endorsed Mark Antonacci's proposal and petition to Pope Francis ] to allow further examining of the Shroud of Turin, its blood marks and other samples from the cloth, at the molecular and atomic levels.

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He has appeared in numerous media and documentaries, and authored and co-authored (with his late wife, M. Marino contends that the Shroud samples removed for carbon dating purposes in 1988 contained threads from a 16th century repair that was invisibly rewoven into the same vicinity as the original fibers.

Moreover, to test Antonacci's neutron flux radiation particles theory would not be minimally invasive (see below).

In contrast, Antonacci contends that particle radiation emanating from the body wrapped in the Shroud not only explains the cloth's medieval radiocarbon dating, but many other unparalleled features on the cloth including its unique body images. 337, 16 February 1989, p.594] More than two decades ago, STURP scientists discovered that calcium (along with strontium and iron) was distributed uniformly throughout the Shroud, probably as a result of the retting process when the cloth was originally manufactured.

These tests would include the new technology summarized above and described in more detail in articles throughout the site.

These new tests would yield the most detailed information ever acquired from the cloth, while testing every explanation for the Shroud’s radiocarbon dating and image forming hypotheses that have been proposed.

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