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Will Hurd (1, 2) I Invisigoth J Jason Jones Matt 'openfly' Joyce K K2 Mr.Sean Kanuck (1, 2) Konstantinos Karagiannis Garry Kasparov Matt Knight William Knowles Artem Kondratenko Itzik Kotler Amit Klein L Logan Lamb Rep.Recipe of the week: Raspberry Coconut Muffins from Taste of Lizzie T.These are some of the tastiest muffins I've ever made and remain a favorite breakfast recipe of mine!However, below the surface of open source operating systems, strictly closed source firmware along with device driver blobs and closed system architecture prevent users from examining, understanding, and trusting the systems where they run their private computations.

Prior to joining Endgame he conducted information security and situational awareness research as a researcher at Fire Eye, Mandiant, Sandia National Laboratories and MIT Lincoln Laboratory.Street Suggy Matt Suiche T TBA Evan Teitelman Richard Thieme Chris Thompson trixr4skids Orange Tsai Jeff "r3plicant" Tully MD Philip Tully V Ilja van Sprundel [email protected] W Kit Walsh Patrick Wardle (1, 2) Waz Wiseacre Matt Wixey Beau Woods X Xlogic X Y Luke Young Jian Yuan Zhang Yunhai Z Zardus Sarah Zatko Zenofex zerosum0x0 Min (Spark) Zheng Sunday at in Track 4 20 minutes | Demo, Tool Modern computing platforms offer more freedom than ever before.The rise of Free and Open Source Software has led to more secure and heavily scrutinized cryptographic solutions.I made them last week and was reminded how delicious they are. Hands down this is one of my top new country songs for 2018- if not my favorite of all so far!SO catchy and the perfect summer anthem (and it sounds more pop than country! By using programmable logic chips, called Field Programmable Gate Arrays, this device is more open source than any common personal computing system to date.No blobs, no hidden firmware features, and no secret closed source processors.We are the nation’s leading civil liberties advocate in the Supreme Court.With over 200 staff attorneys and an extensive network of cooperating attorneys, we handle thousands of cases each year on behalf of clients whose rights have been violated.In this talk, we demonstrate an AI agent trained through reinforcement learning to modify malware to evade machine learning malware detection.Reinforcement learning has produced game-changing AI's that top human level performance in the game of Go and a myriad of hacked retro Atari games (e.g., Pong).

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