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Seriously speaking, a favorite attack on radiometric dating involves dangling "horror stories" about gross errors before the reader, thus giving the impression that radiometric dating is totally unreliable.

Woodmorappe (1979), with his collection of some 350 bad radiometric dates, must surely be the master of that technique.

O jovem Jeanderson Douglas cobrou uma atenção especial a juventude.

“A maioria dos homicídios que acontece tem jovens envolvidos, é preciso investir na juventude para que possamos ter paz em nossa cidade”, disse.

But even schoolboys need to know what the right answers are in order to cheat, and there was no absolute age list when radiometric dating was first applied to the strata.

(Dalrymple, 1984, pp.78-79) Whatever the reasons may be for the scatter, the fact remains that these data were clearly a "discard" case.

If the radiometric method is to be indicted, it must be indicted by dates which were counted as good but shown, by other means, to be bad.

Properly interpreted, a number of gross "errors" listed in Woodmorappe's table simply vanish!

All of the dates lack the investigator's personal, detailed interpretation.“Estamos cobrando ações direcionadas e concretas para a melhoria da segurança de Santa Cruz.Nossa cidade precisa retomar os bons índices do passado e essa audiência que propomos é um primeiro passo”, avaliou.Again, one must demonstrate that a bad date would have been counted as a good date had it not been contradicted by outside data.Some of the dates involved minerals that even Woodmorappe admits are unreliable. " With regard to Question I, "Was Western Sahara (Rio de Oro and Sakiet El Hamra) at the time of colonization by Spain a territory belonging to no one (terra nullius)? Was Western Sahara (Rio de Oro and Sakeit El Hamra) at the time of colonization by Spaon a territory belonging to no one (terra nullius) ? What were the legal ties between that territory and the Kingdom of Morocco and the Mauritanian entity ?In a number of instances, more than you might imagine, dates are further corroborated by methods that have nothing to do with radioactivity.Thus, the big, statistical picture painted by radiometric dating is excellent.The data do not fall on any straight line and do not, therefore, form an isochron.The original data are from a report by Wasserburg and others [1964], who plotted the data as shown but did not draw a 34-billion-year isochron on the diagram.

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