Dating your boss pedal

So, yes a bit of a strange advert admittedly, but then it's a strange Capri.

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The Ford Capri has just reached it's 50th Anniversary. The TV episode could have easily been a 2 hour programme to enable Capri buffs and engineers the facility to gorge themselves on the whole build. Make it go like it looks and engineer it professionally - Mission accomplished. Well, I was smitten in the first 2 minutes at NEC Classic Show, "it had me at Hello"!They correspond (we have the letters) phone each other and meet whilst formulating a spec for the car that Mr Fafalios wants.The conversion cost, to Race Proved ‘Stampede’ specification being £2950, when the list price of a new Capri II 3ltr Ghia Automatic is £3306.Of course the Dealers describe them as ‘the MD’s personal car’ or ‘our demonstrator’. So, our Ford employee is happy knowing they won’t have a single bill to pay other than pouring in the fuel and quickly it’s time for renewal again.Now, over in West London in early May 1975 a comfortably well off young chap working in his families Shipping Brokerage business (with offices in the City and Greece) is a bit of an motoring enthusiast.MR cars are a perk of scrabbling onto the FMC greasy pole of management to becoming a Supervisor of some men – either in a factory, or within any of the support functions of running a labyrinthine international motor manufacturing business.Most likely he, or she, was somewhere in Essex, perhaps at Warley, the company Head Office, Dunton the Engineering Centre, or maybe Dagenham which at this time was still the company’s biggest UK factory.He has a Magnum 2300, but has seen Savage Cortinas and fancies something similar, so makes contact with Race Proved, or in full, Race Proved Performance and Racing Equipment Limited run by a nice chap called Jeff Uren at 177 Uxbridge Road, in Hanwell W7.Perhaps our hero sports platform shoes, huge flares, a paisley shirt and mirror shades as he is certainly planning something of a bold statement which captures the mid 70’s style and fashion!First the Body in White, Paint and then through the Trim and Final Assembly hall.Certainly under two days have elapsed and our car is ‘Gate Released’ (We know the car was assembled in June - PU in the VIN) and in one of the stock holding compounds waiting marshaling for the transport to England.

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