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Adware is a generic term for the programs that have no useful features. Your homepages and search engines settings can be reset and your browser can start opening undesirable sites with lots of unpleasant ads.The most popular type of adware is Webalta application.Today's anti-malware work with minimal requests to the processor which means they don’t slow down the operating system, and you can control any adware in real time.Our Adguard is not only good in removing ads and pop-ups, it also protects from malicious sites and other threats.But it often happens that as we get something that makes our life easier, sooner or later we are forced to face a counter balancing weight.Today Internet hides a significant number of threats.That is why it is a good practice to check if there are any viruses on your computer with the help of free utilities that are provided by popular antivirus developers.

They are constantly changing so antiviruses can’t always track them.Various threats get into our computers from the infected websites or through fraud ads.Sometimes we ourselves let the viruses in by launching doubtful sites from the unknown developers or updating flash players or browsers (which, in fact, is very often a viral trick).And the latter found it to their tastes: Overspread programs can also be vulnerable (for example Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat, etc.– they do have weak spots in security), and taking into account popularity of the Internet itself there are a lot of virus writers who attack a wide number of users – millions of computers, - in a short time; Significant part of all today's viruses are not classic viruses. Global network provides us with various opportunities and helps to study, work, spend leisure time and search for any kind of information.We can learn new things, keep in touch with our friends and relatives, shop online.This is possible due to the Browsing security module.This tool blocks access to dangerous pages that contain possible threats mentioned above (viruses, malware sites, adware, etc.) and protects your device.They have nothing else to do but to pay specialists who can help them. But the adware can “see” sites with such programs, so they won't let the “remedy” download.It’s much easier to block any possibility of downloading any adware than try to figure out how to remove adware. Not only your computer, but also your personal information can be at risk.

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