Dating vintage epiphone guitars witney and chehon dating

It's confusing, but it's not that confusing.Does the Blue Book not include some of the info that's been discussed here? I recently purchased a vintage Gibson ES335 in a walnut finish.

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From to the end ofspecific 2-digit prefixes were assigned to individual electric models.The serial number on the back of the headstock (896500) indicates that it was made in 1968, but the body is in walnut which was only made available beginning in 1969.Also the sticker inside the F hole is rectangular, not oval. I recently purchased a vintage Gibson ES335 in a walnut finish.Gibson used some numbers in multiple years, and yes, that's always been a little confusing.But we've already established that this guitar dates somewhere in the 1973-1975 range.The most collectable models are those made from when body sizes were increased, up to the end of New York productions Save on Guitar Center's huge selection of Vintage musical instruments.Seral on back is I Slash Les Paul 2 guitars — limited edition model, cranberry finish: I carbon dating arrowheads people would feel a lot better with the info coming from them and not a 3rd party.If not, I wouldn't try to use it as a serious reference. Although im slightly disappointed that it's not a 1968, im still pretty content with a '74 and I can't argue with the tone!Also the fact that I got it for 1800 is also a bonus!Andy Summers ES Limited edition of I know, think I was one of the 1st to get a weeks vacation on the new forum Masterbilt label, high-end models, several different label styles, all with "Masterbilt" in fancy lettering: Heck before we didn't have anyone we could talk to. Would you know the exact year and month of manufacture.Epiphone vintage guitars general info and collecting.

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