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Pierce explains that the idea behind immediate disclosure is that at that point, the individual won’t feel emotionally invested or have started to get attached to the person."You won’t be into them because you don’t know who it is or you’re just meeting them for the first time, so there’s no emotional investment, and it’s a lot easier to take a rejection as a result," she explains.In addition to the universal jitters about what to wear and concerns over whether or not that drink will end up as a stain, there’s also a polarizing, highly-stigmatized sexually transmitted infection talk that must take place –– at least eventually.“I believe that STI status disclosure it part of the consent process,” says Yana Tallon-Hicks, sex educator and relationships therapist.

According to Pierce, the other school of thought is that it’s not a necessity to say it right up front.Despite the common rate of infection and exposure and generally mild symptoms, herpes remains culturally stigmatized and the concept of disclosure can feel burdensome when entering a new relationship.Ethically, there’s no way around disclosure (which also means that there’s no way around regular testing), but that doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone; it may not be a first-date conversation at all.Reassure your friend that dealing with herpes is really quite simple.For the most part, it’s only an occasional annoyance.When you’re gearing up for a first date, what’s on your mind?For those carrying the herpes virus (HSV 1 or 2), it may be quite a lot.Be able to handle questions in a straightforward manner with real facts.Stress but don’t overemphasize the reality that with mutual understanding and cooperation the risk of transmission is negligible.Most couples where one person has herpes appear to handle the situation rather well.However, a major possibility is that herpes can take on a central role in the relationship.

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