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Founded in 1851, Western Union has been making its customers' lives better for more than 160 years.

Western Union connects people and businesses around the globe by providing fast, reliable and convenient ways to move money.

It hosts the annual London leg of the World Rugby Sevens Series, the Cup (championship) final and third-place match of the annual London leg of the World Rugby Women's Sevens Series, and the domestic Middlesex Sevens competition.

In 1927 the first Varsity Match took place at Twickenham for the first time.This day also saw the origins of the adoption of the traditional spiritual Swing Low, Sweet Chariot as a terrace song.In the 35–3 win against Ireland, three of England's tries were scored by Chris Oti, a black player who had made a reputation for himself that season as a speedster on the left wing.Twickenham Stadium is the second largest stadium in the U.K., following Wembley Stadium, and the fourth largest one in Europe.During the second half a remarkable transformation took place and England started playing an expansive game many had doubted they were capable of producing.A 0–3 deficit was turned into a 35–3 win, with England scoring six tries.Net Spend, founded in 1999, has enabled more than 7 million consumers to make purchases, pay bills and manage their money without the need for a checking account or credit history.Net Spend prepaid cards offer consumers a feature-rich financial solution and Direct Deposit that helps people get paid up to 2 days faster.Sold out Tests against New Zealand and South Africa at Crystal Palace saw the RFU realise the benefit of owning their own ground.Committee member William Williams and treasurer William Cail led the way to purchasing a 10.25 acre (4 hectare) market garden in Twickenham in 1907 for £5,500 12s 6d.

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