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As only about 27% of STR testers partook of SNP testing, the aim of this work was to populate/expand the resultant SNP Tree with STR data to determine the most likely clades for the majority of Project members.

"This is an attempt to draw together the various findings collected to date (July 2018) on descendants of Clan Colla.

After tea the Prince is supposed to have said, "Don't go away"; and Lady Elizabeth to have replied, "I won't, if you want me to stay." Neither later recalled this encounter or exchange. Bridesmaid at wedding of her brother Patrick to Lady Dorothy Osborne.

Younger daughter and ninth child of Lord Glamis, eldest son and heir of 13th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, and his wife, the former Nina Cecilia ("Celia") Cavendish-Bentinck, a clergyman's daughter from the Duke of Portland's family.

In his Mc Mahon DNA, Patrick Mc Mahon analyzes the DNA of other Mc Mahons who have tested their DNA, indicating that his ancestry may be helpful to other Mc Mahons in understanding their ancestry.

Table of Contents In the introduction to his paper on The Colla Phylogenetic Tree, Patrick Mc Mahon explains that he has drawn together "the considerable amount of SNP and STR data that has accumulated over the last few years with respect to the Colla population.

Surnames while confirmatory in many instances were not the main influence in determining groupings." The paper is at: The Colla Phylogenetic Tree Paper.

An Excel workbook is at: The Colla Phylogenetic Tree Workbook.

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