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I'm direct by nature and find anything that gets in the way of the truth to be a waste of time. Sometimes it's a matter of them just not being into you as much as you're into them.Before the birth of online dating, I instinctively gravitated towards people who were similarly straightforward. Sometimes it's just not their nature to be in constant contact. And while they might think it's for their advantage, it's just screwing up both of your chances of having a healthy and successful relationship built of a trusty foundation.You are already in the “let’s just be friends” zone. It seems like a logical solution for a frustrated man.Sit at home, browse through profiles of girls and hope you will get one.You might not realize you're doing it, but it keeps people from getting to know the real you and places a wedge between you.If you're purposefully waiting to reply to text messages or pausing yourself before sending them, you're playing games.Are you having so much fun that you want to hang out again the very next day, but say you're busy for the next few days? Trying to appear uninterested when you are or trying to appear busy when you're not is a game.

In relationships, there should be no winners or losers.If your goal is always to win, you will always lose.If you’re biggest concern is always having the upper hand, you most likely aren’t in the headspace or at a maturity level to be in a real relationship.Pickup Player (a guy who has been trained in seduction). First of all, most guys are limited with places where they meet new girls. It’s a good place to meet girls and get some girlfriends, but you can overdo it, because you can collect bad reputation really fast.So, you sleep with 5-6 girls in the same year, word about you will start to spread around.Downside of internet dating and dating apps is that they are overused and time consuming.You spend days and weeks of texting to get a girl to meet you. Don’t get me wrong, girls love when you spend money on them buying them things, taking them to expensive places. You as a man should be smart about your resources, you should be smart about your money and what you do with it.Having some sort of guide may seem comforting, but in fact it’s counter-productive. The only thing dating has in common with a game are the elements of risk and chance.In order to have a healthy, successful, adult relationship, you have to stop playing games.You're inhibiting your natural desires to create a sense of distance and disconnect.Whether it's because you want to look cool and busy or because you want the other person to have to sweat it out in between exchanges, you're being untrue and hurtful.

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