Dating diary collection girl

Monroe begins making plans for them to be together when she is 18 and Minnie leaves him.

The Diary of a Teenage Girl play premiered at 3LD Arts and Technology Center, produced by Aaron Louis in association with New Georges and The Essentials.Minnie's stepfather, Pascal, calls from New York City and invites Minnie to live with him, but she declines. Minnie and her younger sister Gretel ask Pascal for money, and though he is irritated, he sends the family a check. Minnie and Monroe take acid together and Monroe has a bad trip, convinced they are being watched.During the trip he tells Minnie he loves her and she realizes that she no longer cares for him.At a bar, Minnie and Monroe flirt and she tells him she wants to sleep with him.They begin meeting at his apartment and having sex.At a bar, Minnie and Kimmie decide to pose as prostitutes.They fellate two boys in the bathroom, but the next day they agree it was a bad choice.She mails Aline her first comic, about a woman walking through town.Minnie sleeps twice with her schoolmate Ricky, but he finds her sexual enthusiasm intimidating.In 1976 San Francisco, 15-year-old aspiring cartoonist Minnie begins keeping an audio diary.She is stirred by her awakening sexuality and wants to lose her virginity.

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